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Fotogalérie >> Série a novinky >> Ironman Barcelona 2018

Heading to Barcelona
Iron and sun
Getting ready for the race
Gear is ready
Swimming track check
Lunch before the race
Time to store the racing equipment
Warm-up at 6am
Entering the race area
Warm-up before the swimming
A few minutes to the start
Swimming - 1:06:28 ... rain, wind, waves
Transition to the bike. 180 km ahead.
Bike 90km - 2:36:05, 34.60 km/h
Bike finish - 180km, 05:15:46, 34.2 km/h
Transition to the run
Keep smiling - 42km to go 'only' ...
Still smiling ... 28.6km, 2:24, pace 5:03
Finish - 10:09:19. Personal Best!
'Little bit' tired but happy